Matjaž Sluga: World record holder with Papillon Paragliders

World record: Matjaž Sluga has achieved the most successful series ever with the popular EN-A glider RAQOON from Papillon Paragliders in his unprecedented competition history.

The world champion, three-time overall World Cup winner in a row and three-time European champion in a row managed to fly the RAQOON in 23 flights with less than half a meter deviation from the target point, which has a diameter of only one centimeter.

Matjaž is the opinion leader of some of the world’s best pilots, who consider the RAQOON to be one of the gliders with the greatest performance potential in the EN-A segment currently available.

Editor’s note: Matjaž Sluga is sponsored by Papillon Paragliders.

The RAQOON marks the upper performance segment of EN-A gliders. It is one of the best-selling gliders in this segment in Germany.

Thus, the RAQOON is rightly considered the top model of Papillon Paragliders.

We are proud and congratulate to this success!