Papillon Paragliders QuickPack

Item number: 20230147

The best way to pack paragliders quickly and gently!

Our Quick-Pack bag has been specially developed for frequent and lowland pilots. It is made of robust nylon fabric and offers enough space for harness and paraglider.

  • Faster at the start: optimised for fast packing and even faster unpacking
  • No line chaos: the paraglider remains connected to the harness
  • High quality: Perfect protection for equipment thanks to dirt and water-repellent materials

Special features:

  • Extra shoulder strap pocket
  • Reinforced seams
  • carrying straps
  • low weight: only 650 g
  • small pack size

Papillon Paragliders Compression Tube light

Item number: 20180620

The Compression Tube light is made of super light, durable material and was developed to reduce the size of the paraglider when packing. With its advanced technology, it enables efficient compression of the wing, which not only significantly reduces the packing volume, but also facilitates transport and careful storage.

The design of this product ensures reliable compression without compromising the structure or performance of the paraglider. By using the Compression Tube Light, the paraglider remains protected and ready for the next flight while being lighter and more compact to pack.

The ease of use and light weight make this accessory an essential companion for any paraglider pilot who values efficiency, performance and comfort. Experience a new level of comfort and freedom on your flying adventures with the Papillon Paragliders Compression Tube Light!

  • Lightweight
  • Compressible
  • Gentle on your paraglider
  • Ideal in combination with lightweight and recumbent harnesses
  • Ideal for hike & fly

Papillon Paragliders Innerbag light

Item number: 20122917

The lightweight Papillon inner bag reduces the packing volume of your glider enormously and protects it from dirt.

The inner bag is made of tear-resistant lightweight material. Mesh fabric on the sides ensures optimum ventilation of the equipment.

  • suitable for small lightweight gliders, e.g. Papillon Himalaya, U-Turn Annapurna, Advance Pi 3

Papillon Paragliders quilted jacket Zerodown

Item Number: 20230211

The Zerodown quilted jacket from Papillon Paragliders is the ultimate garment for adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts. Designed to meet the highest standards, this jacket offers not only warmth, but also lightness and functionality.

Made from high-quality materials and utilising the latest technological innovations, the Zerodown quilted jacket is extremely lightweight yet very pleasantly insulating. The special zero-down filling ensures optimum warmth without additional weight.

The design of the jacket is not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing with the original Papillon Paragliders branding. It offers a comfortable fit and maximum freedom of movement. In addition to a hood, the jacket has several practical pockets to safely store your most important items and is also easily compressible, making it an ideal companion for travelling.

Available sizes: XS, S, M, XL

Papillon Paragliders winter glove

Item Number: 20190173

The new 4-finger winter glove from Papillon Paragliders fulfils both requirements:

The little finger and the ring finger are in the same chamber. By reducing the surface area and improving the distribution of body heat, the fingers stay warmer than in conventional gloves.

The material composition and the Airstop on the back of the hand ensure maximum comfort even in sub-zero temperatures. The extra-large cuff reliably protects the wrist from the penetrating cold.

The Papillon winter gloves are equipped with leather inserts on the inside of the fingers to maintain sensitivity to the steering lines.

Available sizes: M, L, XL