We are

PAPILLON PARAGLIDERS is a new proposal of paragliders, which although new in the equipment industry, we are not new to the world of the paragliding sport. Papillon Paragliders could be considered one of the oldest free flight schools in Europe. Since this has been the evolution from teaching how to fly sailplanes, passing through hang gliding and ending in paragliding, where we have been training pilots for about 25 years. But not only pilots but people aware of the privilege we have as human beings to enjoy free flight, and the responsibility that comes with interacting with the environment, with our neighbors, with nature and with ourselves.

That is why Papillon Paragliders has as a number one principle, first and foremost Safety. Our paragliders have been designed based on a glider that guarantees the integrity of the pilot, and by guaranteeing that integrity we ensure a friendly sport, that does not affect our neighbors, that does not affect our forests and that generates confidence for both the practitioner As for the community.

Papillon Paragliders has developed paragliders from the experience of students and instructors. Based on their needs, we work on the design of paragliders perfect for work in school and paragliders for the first years in the learning and evolution process.

Our paragliders are characterized by easy handling both on the ground and in the air and braking characteristics that could be summarized in a very low stall speed. In short words, we are security providers.