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Fancy EN-A

Learn to fly with much safety

The first time you feel the lift off, when you lose the ground – with the FANCY, you have a reliable partner with whom you can do it with easiness and which makes you getting into the pilot career incredibly easy.

Simple and easy to start, fly and land, the FANCY is the ideal glider for teaching. Maximum passive safety and extremely forgiving flight behavior with long breaking distances give the student confidence quickly and let him relax and enjoy his first flights.

Due to these flight characteristics, the FANCY also gains more and more popularity in the more increasing paragliding category of accuracy landing, as he is still flying well in the very low speed (high angle of attack) and makes point-to-point approaches easier.

During the preparation for take-off, colored raisers marked with icons give a good overview; The band concept is very simple with only two main lines and makes getting entangled almost impossible.

When the learners start, the glider gives them the time to analyze. Even with a light wind the glider rises slowly and symmetrical and adjusts itself over the pilot; With just a few steps, the wing lifts you safely into the air.

Fancy Color 1

The Fancy stands for flying fun – right from the start

Simple handling with generous breaking distances with nevertheless good maneuverability, that the flight fun is not too short, distinguish the FANCY.

Technically innovative, special valves in the bottom sail of the canopy provide additional ventilation in the event of large changes in pitch, thereby increasing the stability and forgiving behavior of the wing. Its robust and durable material mix can handle many hours of training.

Stress-free first flights and success stories with the easy handling of the FANCY quickly give the learner confidence and a good basis for his knowledge and further development as a pilot.



Clearly marked bands with colors and icons based on the Pilot Assistants Concept (PAS) help to quickly find the correct line level for each maneuver.


The Precision Profile Nose (PPN) provides excellent launch characteristics and high edge traction in flight.


The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) allows good air distribution and pressure equalization within the wing and increases the folding stability of the cap.

Brake Gathering Sytem

Pressure Balance Valves (PBV), as valves on the bottom sail, provide additional ventilation, especially for large pitch changes, and favor stability and flap resistance of the cap.

Technical Details

Recommended Start weight 55-75 kg60-80 kg65-90 kg75-100 kg90-120 kg100-140 kg
Flat area 22 m²24 m²26 m²28 m²30,5 m²33,5 m²
Projected area 18,81 m²20,52 m²22,23 m²23,94 m²26,8 m²28,65 m²
Flat wingspan 9,95 m10,39 m10,81 m11,22 m11,71 m12,27 m
Projected wingspan 7,9 m8,26 m8,59 m8,92 m9,31 m9,75 m
Flat AR 4,54,54,54,54,54,5
Projected AR 3,323,323,323,323,323,32
Chord: center / wingtip 2,67 / 0,752 m2,788 / 0,786 m 2,902 / 0,817 m3,012 / 0,849 m3,143 / 0,885 m3,294 / 0,928 m
V-trim 37-38 km/h37-38 km/h37-38 km/h37-38 km/h37-38 km/h37-38 km/h
V-max 47-48 km/h47-48 km/h47-48 km/h47-48 km/h47-48 km/h47-48 km/h
Bridle height 6,368 m6,651 m6,923 m7,184 m7,498 m7,858 m
Nr. of cells 292929292929
Glider weight 4,4 kg4,7 kg4,95 kg5,25 kg5,6 kg6,1 kg
Bridle length 242,5 m255 m266,9 m278,3 m292,1 m307,9 m
Line diameter 0,95 / 1,65 / 1,80,95 / 1,65 / 1,80,95 / 1,65 / 1,8 0,95 / 1,65 / 1,80,95 / 1,65 / 1,80,95 / 1,65 / 1,8
2,2 mm2,2 mm2,2 mm2,2 mm2,2 mm2,2 mm
Speed system / trimmer Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No Yes / No


Scope of Delivery

  • Paraglider
  • inner bag
  • compression strap
  • manual (PDF)