Paragliding today

The Papillon Flying Handbook “Paragliding today” summarises the theoretical basics of paragliding that are relevant for the theory exam for the A-licence.

Student pilots can use the Pilot’s Handbook to prepare in advance for their paragliding course. If you are already flying, you can use it to refresh or update your flying knowledge.

For a comprehensive description of the topics of flight weather and flight technique, we recommend the practical manuals Gesamtwerk Paragliding: Volume 1 – Meteorologie and Volume 2 – Flugtechnik (both books are currently only available in German, translations in English and Spanish are in preparation).


Paragliding today V10 – English 21.45 MB 281 downloads

    Flying Handbook Paragliding today

    Book tips for aviation enthusiasts

    Complete Works on Paragliding – Volume 1: Meteorology – 3rd Edition

    • Concept & Text: Norbert “Nobbi” Fleisch
    • Guest article (25. The pitfalls of drought): Lucian Haas
    • Guest article (26. Clouds and what they tell us): Burkhard Martens
    • Publisher: Papillon Paragliding
    • Graphics and photos: Norbert Fleisch
    • Epilogue: Andreas Schubert
    • Correction, Editing: Sinje Meyer, Lisa Gast, Marc Niedermeier
    • Layout & typesetting: Elvira Chevalier (
    • Length: 384 pages
    • Format: 170 x 240 mm, hardcover special edition
    • ISBN: 978-3-9818854-6-0

    Complete Works on Paragliding – Volume 2: Flight Technology

    • Authors: Sinje Meyer, Christina Siegel, Andreas Schubert and others
    • Publisher: Papillon Paragliding
    • QR codes with links to supplementary video sequences
    • Around 700 illustrations and graphics
    • Layout & typesetting: Elvira Chevalier (
    • Scope: ~450 pages
    • Format: 170 x 240 mm, hardcover edition
    • ISBN: 978-3-9818854-8-4