Papillon Paragliders Fancy EN-A

Fancy EN-A

The first time you feel the sensation of taking off – with the FANCY EN-A by Papillon Paragliders you have a reliable partner with you!
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Bodyguard 7

Bodyguard 7

The Bodyguard 7 arise of decades of experience from the training of countless student pilots, which has perfected the wing even further.
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Raqoon by Papillon Paragliders

Raqoon EN-A

The Papillon Raqoon EN-A is an all-around glider that lets you start any flying adventure and be fun, dynamic and safe at the same time.
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Buzzard Papillon Paragliders

Buzzard EN-A

As a high-end EN-A, the BUZZARD combines A-class safety with the speed and performance of higher-rated gliders.
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Escape EN-B Papillon Paragliders

Escape EN-B

As a powerful, high-end EN-B-wing, the Escape by Papillon Paragliders is designed for ambitious pilots seeking new challenges.
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Horizon Papillon Paragliders

Horizon EN-B

The HORIZON sets new standards as a solid and elegant wing in the middle section of the B-Class.
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Discovery EN-B Papillon Paragliders

Discovery EN-B

The DISCOVERY is a sporty low-end B-wing that wants to take you into the world of intuitive, efficient thermal flying.
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P42 Tandem - Papillon Paragliders

P42 GT Tandem

The P42 GT Tandem is the perfect glider for professional tandem pilots and for pilots who just want to share the sky!
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