Linus Schubert brings medals to the Rhön – Paragliding competition in Kazakhstan

The 15-year-old junior pilot Linus Schubert, at home in eastern Hesse at the foot of the almost 1000-metre-high Wasserkuppe, managed to make the podium for the second time in his first three international competition participations with a 3rd place in the competition of the world’s best pilots.

He also won the junior ranking in the international paragliding competition in Kazakhstan with aplomb and came 2nd in the international team ranking after the team from China, which won the men’s individual ranking, the women’s individual ranking and the team ranking.

Chance for German Medals in the World Cup/Finals on the Wasserkuppe

At the international level, Germany has never been able to win any of the major competitions. For the upcoming World Cups and the World Championships, the brothers Lennard and Linus Schubert have good chances for the first time in 35 years.

The Wasserkuppe is the host of the World Cup Final in the discipline Paragliding Accuracy from 27 to 30 September.