European Cup in the Czech Republic: First places for German pilots

Wasserkuppe/Beskiden. Once again, the Paragliding Accuracy European Cup was extremely successful last weekend in Bohemia and Moravia in the Czech Republic.

Linus Schubert, 15, missed out on his first European Cup victory by just one centimetre to multiple European Cup and World Cup winner Matjaž Sluga from Slovenia, finishing second.

For Linus Schubert, after his third places in Kazakhstan and Turkey, it is the biggest success at international level so far. Lennard Schubert came sixth in the field of 73 pilots.

Both brothers, members of the Rhöner Drachen- und Gleitschirmfliegerverein, thus secured the first two places in the U26 junior ranking of the European Cup.

The top ten placings also led to winning the team ranking ahead of the Czech Republic and Spain. The pilots are thus very well prepared for the upcoming World Cup finals on the Wasserkuppe.

The world’s best pilots will fly out their World Cup winner from 28 to 30 September on the flying mountain in the middle of Germany. The world’s best teams from Indonesia, South Korea and China will spend up to 14 days training and taking part in the German Open and Wasserkuppe World Cup competitions. We report.

from left: 2nd Team Czech 1st Team Germany 3rd Team Spain and national anthem for 15-year-old Linus Schubert in the international paragliding competition of the world’s best pilots in Kazakhstan.
Europacup Tschechien
from left: 2nd Linus Schubert, Germany, 15Y 1st Matjaž Sluga, Slovenia 3rd Jaka Gorenc, Slovenia