We care

Papillon Paragliders is the youngest son of one of the greatest paragliding school in the world, and as good children we understand our mothers. That is why our commercial and marketing policy is to support paragliding schools in the world.

Our distribution network will be directly through the schools, seeking to strengthen their finances and respecting the relationship between the apprentice and his instructor.

Also, in this way have products that are more accessible to students worldwide.

In addition to having products designed to be the perfect complement to a good instructor, Paragliders that will guarantee the safety of their trainees and will generate the confidence they need when learning to fly.

Papillon Paragliders will be the number one ally of the schools, with practical, updated and free guides for schools to share with their apprentices.

We have also developed more advanced technical bibliography, which today is only available in German, but soon in English and Spanish.