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Stop thinking that flying a tandem is a heavy work - with the P-4-2 you will feel like flying a solo glider. Its new design has cut the brake pressure in half. So, in general words, his handling is agile, sportive, fun and direct.

With its mix of materials, we have created a perfectly balanced glider, that allows you to have a light tandem with 7,3 kgs in a 42 sq. meters area and a big start weight range, perfect for professional tandem pilots. Very fast and simple launching the P-4-2 makes your life easy; with low or even no wind the glider rises fast but gentle, so now you just need to give the speed to go flying.

In flight it is a total joy, for the pilot and for the passenger; with his shark nose the stability of the glider is guaranteed, as the reactions are very moderate avoiding unpleasant movements in the air.

We have used all the features from our solo gliders to make this tandem safer, more stable, very fun and with a lot of performance. The PPN (Precision Profile Nose) increase the effect of the shark nose, the HPCD (High Pressure Crossport Design) creates a balanced inside pressure of the wing and in the trail edge the MRB (Mini Ribs) and the BGS (Brake Gathering System) ensure efficient power transmission of the brakes.

The PAS (Pilot Assistant Concept) with its marked risers with icons and colors help to quickly find the correct riser for each moment, just perfect for professional pilots, that must work fast and efficiently. And to place the cherry on the cake, our designer has implemented a new trimmer system, that improves better performance while accelerated flight.

The P-4-2 is the perfect glider for professional pilots and for pilots like you, that just wants to go and share the sky, because sharing is more fun!


Start weight 

140-230 kg

Flat area 

42,5 m²

Projected area 

36,0 m²

Flat wingspan 

15,149 m

Projected wingspan 

11,898 m

Flat AR 


Projected AR 


Chord: center / wingtip 

3,422 / 0,780 m


37-40 km/h


43-46 km/h

Bridle height 

9,09 m

Nr. of cells 


Glider weight 

GT 7,3kg // PRO 8,3kg

Bridle length 

457,52 m

Line diameter 

0,9 / 1,1 / 1,3 / 1,5 / 1,8 / 2,2mm

Speed system / trimmer 

No / YesNo / Si


LTF 91/09 & EN 926-1:2006, 926-2:2013

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