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Wherever it takes you - to distant destinations, remote peaks and unknown regions - the HIMALAYA fit in your luggage and give your dreams wings ...

Low pack volume, extremely light weight and easy handling characterize this low EN-B glider. Equipped with the best starting characteristics, a sporty maneuverability and relaxed flight behavior, the HIMALAYA has been designed for every type of activity that you are looking for. Whether long hike & fly tours, traveling with minimal luggage or expeditions into the unknown; have your wing with you.

The HIMALAYA offers something for everyone - great wearing comfort, unsurpassable starting behavior, fun with high passive safety and the freedom to live your enthusiasm and enjoy every moment!

Due to its small pack size in the special compression inner bag and the low glider weight of only 2.85 kg (22m²), the HIMALAYA is comfortable to take even on longer trips.

The good overview of risers and linen levels makes it easier to prepare for the start even in tricky terrain.

Thanks to the lightweight materials of the glider, the HIMALAYA rise easy above the pilot. It quickly lifts you off from the terrain and literally blows you up, so you can start safely even after a hard climb or small start areas.

Easy to maneuver, direct feedback, it's great fun to fly, gives you a lot of confidence and a sense of well-being even in turbulent air. The extreme flight behavior is good-natured and moderated by the light glider.

Ultralight but durable. Its elaborated design is made for long-term durability. The light-weight Dokdo 10D with double-sided coating used is currently the lightest on the market and achieves the best porosity measurements in comparison with other materials available.

Of course, the HIMALAYA did not forget technical innovations in terms of wing shape and surface pattern, which optimize its flight behavior and stability.

All in all, the HIMALAYA make it easy for you - easy to carry, easy to start and pleasant to fly ... easy to enjoy!

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• Clearly marked raisers with icons and colors, based on the Pilot Assistant Concept (PAS) help to quickly find the correct raiser for each maneuver.

• The Precision Profile Nose (PPN) provides excellent launch characteristics and high leading-edge stability in flight.

• 3D Shaping (3DS) of the cells, optimized wing inclination and Mini Ribs (MRB) on the trailing edge improve profile fidelity, flow and stable flight behavior.

• The High Pressure Crossport Design (HPCD) allows good air distribution and pressure equalization within the wing and increases the stability of the glider.

• With the Brake Gathering System (BGS) at the trailing edge the brake transmits control impulses precisely and allows fine turning in the thermal.



Recommended Start weight * 

60-100 kg

60-110 kg

Flat area 

22,2 m²

24,4 m²

Projected area 

18,649 m²

20,493 m²

Flat wingspan 

10,536 m

11,045 m

Projected wingspan 

8,284 m

8,682 m

Flat AR 



Projected AR 



Chord: center / wingtip 

2,506 m / 0,709 m

2,627 m / 0,744 m


~ 38-40 km/h

~ 38-40 km/h


52 + km/h

52 + km/h

Bridle height 

6,532 m

6,848 m

Nr. of cells 



Glider weight 

2,85 kg

3,2 kg

Bridle length 

239,512 m

251,819 m

Line diameter 

0,6 / 0,9 / 1,1

0,6 / 0,9 / 1,1

1,3 / 1,6 mm

1,3 / 1,6 mm

Speed system / trimmer 

Yes / No 

Yes / No 


EN/LTF-A2 / B1

EN/LTF-A2 / B1

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